The Miracle of Oneness 2

Dark energy or matter is not to be measured as we would in ordinary circumstances. This is a property of the Zero. It is ‘dark’ because like the compacted ‘sound’ in the Zero which we cannot hear, we cannot ‘see’ this energy – which actually is not an energy. It is an all-pervading cosmic direction, or alignment. It ‘holds’ by virtue of this contracting action in counterbalancing the expansion on this side. Clearly the wrong tools are used in measuring because they do not know what it is exactly, and they then apply the laws of physics which hold for the One and its expansion. We know it is there by its effects. We conclude, we deduce that this is more than 90% of our universe – and yet we do not know how to measure it!

Dark matter is beyond the Expansion, beyond its laws. It is the origin of gravity on this side; and certainly gravity is the force that resists integration. It must because its own roots or origin on the other side are unknown. Scientists do not know how to approach it, how to bring it within the ambit of the other forces and the laws that govern them. To understand the origin of the gravitational force we must know Time. That knowledge lies ‘on the other side’ – hence it eludes the physicist.

Time is ‘measured’ on this side through the process of birth measurable by the calendar which is a faithful reproduction of the harmonies of our solar system. The December Solstice is the doorway to ‘the other side’ when perihelion occurs and there can be contraction to a point; hence in all advanced cultures it was given prominence, like the temple at Konarak, Egypt where the rising Sun on that solstice occurs each year exactly between two pillars/walls. How exquisitely the passage to the other side was portrayed.

A calendar like the current one used by Hindus completely distorts this experience. According to the Nirayana astrologer that sunrise would be measured 23 days AFTER the event, and of course the synchronisation would fail – as would the entire Vedic method of equivalencies.

OM, like the raga/shruti, also provides the correct understanding of the origin of things, with the three stages of contraction (in the primordial vibration) leading to a Zero/fourth. So accurate, yet so unproductive in this science-maddened society that has lost all touch with its ancient wisdom.

Thus, the harmony of our solar system, and the Earth’s contribution to the composition, is the display of what lies beyond. Our solar system is unique because it faithfully transcribes in space the grand harmony that exists on the other side of materiality. And the contribution of the Earth is to offer the key through the December Solstice to the portal that can carry us to that beyond in full consciousness. Not to heaven or hell or extra-cosmos, but rather into the deepest dimension of our material reality. We are contracted to a ‘point’ in the deepest recesses of the soul where we experience the same 9, 6, 3 – or the Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual trinity. Only birth on Earth allows us to do so because the soul is the special quality of this third planet. We can make of our sojourn here an Underworld where the Dark Lord Pluto reigns; or we can, thanks to the supramental Truth-Consciousness, bring what lies in the core of ourselves to the surface and then to establish life on Earth according to those triadic principles of the New Way formula. The Avatar comes for this: to open the way by his birth and death and conscious re-birth for this foundational experience.

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